PT. Berkat Karunia Phala (BKP) is a fully owned national company, established in 26 January 2004 in accordance with the Law of Republic Indonesia.

The company had a lot of experiences in construction and maintenance service who had engaged in Mechanical, Piping, Civil, Electrical and Instrumentations.

Further, to support Governments Development program, BKP will incessantly promote its business careers in such a professional manner and to maintain our reputation in the Indonesian Industries among others are Oil and Natural gas, Pulp and paper industries, CPO Industries, CPO refinery and the waste water treatment, Mine industries, Power generating, Transportation & storage, coatings system and Automation & Control system.

BKP is committed to achieving standard of environment, health and to providing a safe and healthful for our employees. We will be a responsible member of the community in which we live and work. We will continue to expand our knowledge and understanding of the effect of our operations on safety, health and environment. We are committed both to continuous environment in our operations and sharing the knowledge that we gain with our employees, client, the communities in which we live and work, the scientific community, government and industry. We always stress on performance to our clients satisfaction, and we have a belief in confidence that this ambition will become a reality.

Finally, we believe that our efforts and hard works will not end until this stage. And this is espoused in our motto as long time relationships through total satisfaction, which delivers it’s commitment to very high standards from the attention to detail, to the excellent service we provide. We consistently exceed our clients expectations and can provide a referral from e very single one.

On the contrary, we are much eager to meet some challenges in the impending future and keep trying to render services to clients at best we can in the rhythm and growth of country development.